What’s in a Name?

Trying to select a business name (or even a social media identity) can be tricky.  You can totally change people’s perceptions of you and your business without even meaning to.

Take band names.  I’ve been a professional musician in addition to a sign man most of my life.  My first band we called Feedback.  We knew it wasn’t a great name, but it was the best we could come up with at the time as a bunch of teenagers. The problem was, we played a very laid back, easy listening style of music, and Feedback tended to conjure up images of death-metal screaming.

The same is true with our sign company name. After all these years, we still struggle a little with our identity.  Aitchison Signs is too hard to spell (almost no one can spell our last name without seeing it in front of them).  We used Plan-It Promotions for a while, but everyone thought all we did was pens and keychains.  Marketing Orbit we like, but it doesn’t really tell anything about what we do.  That’s why we’ve recently added the name Pasco Signs as a DBA of MarketingOrbit.com.  Our hope is that will better describe what we really do – Signs and Printing.

Will it work?  Time will Tell.

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